“Velvetshade is a curious flower indeed. I first documented it’s properties for the Curators years ago, but they were disinterested as they saw them to be more trouble to grow and harvest than they were intrinsically worth.”

-An excerpt from the book “The Composition of Components” by Signus Silverstar

Velvetshade is a herbaceous perennial plant with bell like flowers that bloom in early to mid-Spring under ideal conditions. They require extremely fertile soil to produce the amount of energy they need to grow and bloom, though like most perennials they have adapted over time to allow them to survive harsher climatic conditions.

Their main value to most spellcasters is that they radiate a minor amount of Enchantment magic, and the stamen can be harvested while the flower is in bloom for use in Enchantment potions. Alternatively the entire flower can be consumed as a material component when casting an Enchantment spell to increase its power level by 1.

The pollen of the flower produces an euphoric sensation when inhaled, one which while minor can be addictive. Because of this the flower usually attracts a wide variety of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. Ordinarily this would cause a plant to spread almost to an invasive extent, but the amount of nutrients the plant consumes out of the soil is a limiting factor to its growth and longevity. It usually needs to be tended to by a caretaker of some sort, as the plant usually will die in the wild.

Velvetshade is a favorite for witches to grow in their gardens, and oftentimes they will have them up drying in their windows as they provide a pleasant aroma even after the pollen is all gone.

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