Godfrey Bainbridge

Godfrey is the owner and proprietor of Bainbridge Books in the small village of Three’s Crossing. Godfrey is a balding, middle aged man often seen nervously cleaning his reading spectacles. He seems more at home with books than people, and is mousy and jittery around people he doesn’t know very well. He seems to hate making small talk, resorting to the most awkward questions about the weather or how a person is doing. That said, when talking about a topic that he knows he is an authority on he tends to come off as more confident and at ease.

Hidden Secret:
Godfrey has come into possession of a book called “The History of the Eastern Kingdoms”. It is rather unusual in that it’s content and layout changes nearly every time you open it. Some of the content is in relation to past events or people, some of it is in relation to present events or dates that have yet to come to pass. Godfrey is so nervous and jumpy when people come in because he’s usually spending all his spare time poring over this tome in hopes of better understanding it. He goes to great lengths to hide this, although Godfrey is a notoriously bad liar.

Campaign Uses:
In a campaign an NPC like Godfrey could be used as an expert that can provide exposition for the party, perhaps for a historical tome or artifact of sorts. He can also act as a purchaser for rare books, or perhaps facilitate a sale to a wealthy buyer. Alternatively he could provide an adventure hook, perhaps related to his hidden secret above. The stats below are provided for him at low level play, you may want to increase his attributes depending on your needs.

Godfrey Bainbridge – NPC Researcher

Hitpoints: 18
Defenses – Toughness 12     Guard 12     Resolve 14

Agility 2 (1d6)
Fortitude 0
Might 0

Learning 5 (2d6)
Logic 4 (1d10)
Perception 0
Will 2 (1d6)

Deception 3 (1d8)
Persuasion 0
Presence 2 (1d6)

Alteration 0
Creation 0
Energy 0
Entropy 0
Influence 0
Movement 0
Prescience 2 (1d6)
Protection 0

Craft Mundane Item I (Bookbinding)
Knowledge I (History)
Skill Specialization I (Learning)

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