What is Open Legend?

Open Legend is a tabletop roleplaying game (or RPG) in which the players play the part of mighty heroes and wicked villains in order to tell stories of epic proportion. In each game of Open Legend, the intrepid characters will fight mythic beasts, break ancient curses, unravel mysterious enigmas, discover treasures untold, and more.

What is Darkside of the D20?

Darkside of the D20 is a dedicated fan site to Open Legend. We’ll be producing adventures and other content either for stand alone Open Legend sessions, or for you to drag and drop directly into your campaign.

How often will the site be updated?

I’m going to be attempting to update the site with a new adventure every month, and I’ll be adding new resources on a weekly basis.

Where is the artwork from?

It’s either as attributed or copyright free items from https://www.fromoldbooks.org/