Sample items, NPCs, towns, and other odds and ends for use in an Open Legend campaign. Things you can drag and drop directly into your campaign. Will be attempting to update weekly with new content.

Quill of Correspondence
“A most useful item for corresponding with a colleague over a distance, I have several in my collection I use to keep up with several remote scholars…”

Godfrey Bainbridge
“I first had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Bainbridge when my spellbook’s binding was becoming undone, and I needed it rebound. Godfrey is an expert in all things related to books, tomes, texts, novels, and pamphlets.”


“Velvetshade has great value to wizards, witches, and warlocks as it can be used to help provide a number of benefits when utilizing Enchantment magicks. The sweet aroma this flower produces makes this a pleasing plant to introduce to any garden, although it takes a skilled hand to maintain.”

-An excerpt from the book “The Composition of Components”